Dependency monitoring web-application.
Trigger automata with the releases of your favorite software. API access to release information and artifacts.


COMING SOON — Encrypted cloud-based virtual clipboard.
Quickly move blobs of text or binary files between computers, with end-to-end encryption.


Experimental Product for Education.
Virtual Passports and immersive server management for Minecraft/Minetest.

Tools & Libraries

Dynamic project versioning (beta/rc/minor) based on commits since last Git tag.

Status and output for scheduled jobs with simple CLI tool.

Release + Changelog tool for Ruby projects.

Java asynchronous object transfer and offline caching.

Bower under Rails with relative path rewriting and Hash/Digest support.

Docker Projects

Self-Hosted App Editions

Deploy BinaryBabel projects privately, instead of using the hosted editions.
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Dockerized 3rd-party

Rebuilt instantly by Latestver + Travis with each related product update.

Oracle-JDKAlpine, CentOS, and Debian

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Enterprise Software

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