Setting up pin-entry for GPG under macOS

 You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key You may run across this console error when attempting to use a GPG key under macOS … when signing a Git commit for example. You’ll need to setup pin-entry to provide … Read More

Webhooks with CodeCommit & AWS λ

AWS CodeCommit is an excellent service for privately storing Git managed source-code. Although webhooks are not an in-built feature, you can setup a reusable Lambda Function for this purpose. The Lambda illustrated below can trigger POST webhooks after Git pushes … Read More

Cleaning messages from Slack automatically

Slack is a common item in our toolbelts these days, and the free tier makes it accessible to just about every project. It has an extensive archive ability that can be useful for channels with human-sourced content. However, if you’re lucky enough to … Read More

Allowing only CloudFlare through your Firewall

CloudFlare … it’s free, has awesome features, and guards against ddos attacks and other vulnerabilities. Using it seems like a solid choice for any HTTP(S) based projects you might have, and it’s safe to assume that so long as you don’t publish … Read More

Java SE download links now require custom hash

With the release of 8u121 Oracle Java download urls have changed Previously the urls all followed the same predictable format, based on version and build: /java/jdk/{BUILD}/jdk-{VERSION}-linux-x64.tar.gz Newer downloads now require a randomized hash,  unique to each version but the same across all package … Read More