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Extending the WordPress editor as part of a custom theme

To bodge, or not to bodge, that is the question…

In software development recognizing the “proper” way, according to principles such as reusability, simplicity, and isolation, is one edge of a sword that cuts in both directions. Many will find a gut instinct against coding hacks that don’t reach those goals, even if the efficiency they generate frees up more time in other areas.

What’s discussed here is likely not a technique you’d want to use in building something professionally. It’s a shortcut towards adding bespoke features quickly. Are there better ways? Absolutely. Worthy of your time? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Allowing only CloudFlare through your Firewall

CloudFlare … it’s free, has awesome features, and guards against ddos attacks and other vulnerabilities.

Using it seems like a solid choice for any HTTP(S) based projects you might have, and it’s safe to assume that so long as you don’t publish you real server address, then you’re safe. Right?

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